Hindu Rashtra

Hindu Rashtra

Opinions of IAC on discussion "Why we need a Hindu Rashtra ?"

IAC says "We don't need a 'Hindu Rashtra' but an 'Indian nation' whose name shall be HINDUSTAN" - Sarbajit (National Convenor)

In the law of India (Hindu Code of 1955 onwards) a Hindu is everyone who is NOT a) Muslim, b) Christian c) Jewish d) Parsi e)Sikh f) Buddhist / Jain, g) Arya Samajist, h) Brahmo Samajist i)Prarthana Samajist etc. Also all members of Scheduled Tribes are NOT Hindus in law. Previously the Privy Council has held that clans like "Jats" etc. are not Hindus The net position is that "Hindus" (regrettably) thus constitute only less than 30% of India's population - hardly conducive for a "Hindu" Rashtra. -

There is 1 and only 1 way to "convert" India into a Hindu Rashtra - wipe out all idol worship - and if that doesn't work wipe out all idol worshippers. It is the HINDU culture of idol worship which encourages slogans like 'India is Indira (Bharat Mata)", "(uneducated) Sonia is Durga" etc in the minds of our great unwashed illiterate masses. A necessary step for this is to break every temple we can find - break them like the Babri structure was brought down.

After that we can start working on problem #2 - How to control our (non-idol-worshipping) population so as to achieve Akhand Bharat which shall stretch from China to KanyaKumari.

-Sarbajit (email dated Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 1:11 AM)