Ideas To Help Reduce Pollution

Ideas To Help Reduce Pollution

Let's make a list of everything we can ban or seize to help reduce pollution, as a present to the National Greed Tribunal and the Mis-Government of India that is UnDelhi? 10-point formula, but you can increase the numbers if you want to too two at a time.

1) Ban and seize all private cars and two-wheelers older than 15 years as they cause more pollution than big-big cars required for VIP security paid for by taxpayer. (Done)

2) Ban all public from going to airport even if they have tickets and seize their strolleys as the rubber castors cause pollution

3) Ban all private vehicles and buses and taxies that are right hand drive from going to the railway station and seize passenger's lunchboxes for causing pollution as they are made of metal or plastic.

4) Ban all citizens from going to any government office to make complaints and seize their ball-pens because the ink is causing pollution.

5) Ban all teachers from writing in any language on blackboard other than Sanskrit and seize their reading glasses as mercury is used to make them and causes pollution.

6) Ban all commuters except government officials from riding Delhi Metro as empty trains cause less pollution (and give free passes to Government officials)

7) Ban all youngsters below 21 from eating fresh fruit and force them to only drink cancer cola and eat junk processed food as rural agriculture causes pollution because it gives farmers a good price.

8) Ban all people from using elastic in their underwear as rubber is a scarce natural resource to be used only for latex for condoms and make a rule ensuring people wear underwear outside their clothes for easier checking.

9) Ban all elderly people over 50 or so from medical treatment as they cause too much pollution because of rajma-chawal-gobhi and force them to file returns online to this effect every day ensuring compliance under service tax regulations.

10) Ban citizens from walking in public gardens unless they are government employees and in case citizens are found walking in public gardens then send them to jail under Motor Vehicles Act for causing obstruction to Government Officials going about their duties while playing cards on India Gate lawns.