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Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Re: [IAC#RG] Priority to New Topics

Dear Dr Ratnesh

Since it seems your views communicated to me are also shared by a few of the former so-called city coordinators of previous IAC, I am addressing these directly and very bluntly.

1) Anna Hazare is a corrupt fellow. Arvind Kejriwal is a corrupt fellow. If you feel that you can cooperate with them to fight corruption, then for me every system and principle of logic equates that you are a corrupt person also. It was a precondition for my assuming mantle over IAC that these corrupt people should be made to leave the movement. Accordingly, Arvind has floated AAP, and Anna BVJA, JTM or whatever.

2) IAC, under me, is an open and transparent REVOLUTIONARY REFORM MOVEMENT. Unlike Arvind's IAC where he wouldn't even dare to publish a common code of conduct for adherents, within 1 month of my assuming (honorary) office I ensured that IAC had a basic Charter document in place stating our movement's aims, principles, methods and priorities. I hope you have read it carefully and understood it. It seems that this document will have to be explained in detail to the movement and also updated if necessary. Absorbing this document is a precondition to further initiation / progress in the movement.

3) IAC now does not have to wait for basic decisions to be taken while Arvind returns from Vipassana so that he could fast on Gandhi's birthday (Oct 2). You are privy to all this and the docs are in the public domain.

4) You know as well as I do that the crowds which used to gather at IAC meetings are ephemeral (ie. brief and fleeting) and "rented" / "on loan". For my IAC, people, crowds etc are a NUISANCE and LIABILITY. The former IAC people who are drifting in the wind are the biggest liability we have because we don't know them or what they stand for or how/why they were inducted in the movement in the first place. All we know is that Anna and Arvind between them inducted some very corrupt people into the movement many of whom are unwilling / unable to leave. IAC is apolitical now and condemns not only political parties but also political process. So why/what the fuck (Wtf) do we need crowds for ? I openly told my seniors in the movement that I have no need for those left over "I am Anna" topis and T-shirts and other "branded" merchandise which they were trying to offload on me. I bluntly told them Anna is no longer needed by IAC and he can find new sponsors. Last I heard "Team Anna" were desperately selling it at Rs. 5 each in Patna

5) Another thing, IAC has no need for gimmicks, like Gandhiji's footprints or ashes or mortal soil or flag waving etc. IAC is only one of the faces of HRA. HRA was, and is still, completely opposed to traitors like Gandhi and his bastard "children", who have brought this country to where it is - On its knees !! HRA has always stood for secularism, strength and non-appeasement. Its members must be morally pure, selfless and dedicated. That is all we ask.

Before concluding, ask yourself what is common between A) Sachindranath Sanyal B) Rajendra Lahiri C) Pandit Bismil D) Ashfaqullah Khan E) Jadugopal Mukherjee etc. that made them separate from the Indian freedom movement in 1922 at Gaya in Bihar.

Today we have a new freedom struggle against imperialism going on and nothing has changed in 90 years and HRA (and therefore IAC) is still going strong in its traditional areas.

All those people who are masquerading as IAC are being watched and will be made examples of at the right time.


On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 10:21 PM, <> wrote:

> Dear All

> Jai Hind

> Everybody will b agree that v all want a corruption free India.So all like minded people shd work together or at least help.But following questions arises:

> 1.What is th action plan 2 fight against corruption & loot ?

> 2.How many vol r associated in this IAC ?who r they?In how many districts of this country? Or abroad?

> 3.If they r in Bihar,pl let me know,v will contact them. If v r really serious 2 fight against corrupt'n,v must come forward in each & every corner of th country.

> IAC doesn't hv penetration in villages & even in many districts now.Arvind & others hv made AAP.Now Anna has made Jantantra morcha.SO where is IAC,at least in Bihar?

> Dear all, people want remedies & solutions,not words.Not new organisations etc.But here v r seeing many organisations mushrooming here & there 2 confuse th masses on th name of anti-corruption movement,even the most corruopt r running anti-corruption movement

>!.Let's take few examples:

> a)In patna,one of th most corroupt school mafia has started a party on th name of honesty.Recently he organised prog. For Gen Vks.

> b)Many fraud people shared dais with Anna on 30th Jan prog.Now they r using video/photos with Anna 2 show that they r clean.(Even Gen vks read 26 point prog. Like th manifesto of a political party)So this trend must stop.

> I am with all who r in anti-corruption movement seriously,b it Anna or Arvind or anybody else.

> Regards
> Dr Ratnesh chaudhary
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