Intelligent Investment Methods

Intelligent Investment Methods ("Method") is a suite of mechanical algorithmic investment strategies (generated using Artificial Intelligence agents) for investors in India to optimally allocate 2 or 3 diversified asset investment classes in their portfolio for the busy and risk-averse Indian investor.

The Method presently has 17 such AI agents / models as its basis. The Method generates up to 30% annual returns using Bank FDs, NIFTY-50 Mutual Funds and Gold ETFs, and is known for its safety features and is also known as a "Once-a-Week Investment Method" and is based on "weekly portfolio rebalancing".

Originally developed by Sarbajit Roy, the system is now maintained by Intelligent Investment Methods, Ahmedabad.

IAC discount : members of India Against Corruption can avail a special 75% discount on the service.

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Method performance graph (Aug.2002 till Nov.2014)


1. The Method continually calculates an "optimum" ratio for an investor to hold upto 3 diversified asset classes in a portfolio.

(A) a guaranteed fixed gain instrument (say Bank FD @ 8% or a Savings account at 6%)
(B) a highly liquid / traded and transparently priced volatile "safe" asset (say NIFTY MF or ACC shares or anything else you like)
(C) a liquid asset "contrarian" to (B) like Gold (say Gold ETF like GoldBees) or Silver

2. The "Safety" is based on

(a) All 3 assets are always in the investors's own name/account and always under his control.
(b) The investor can cash out within 1 working day at market price
(c) The 3 asset classes are pre-selected for diversification in the asset basket.
(d) Simple approach, Frequency of portfolio rebalancing is "once a week" and doesn't need more than 15 minutes. Needs no stock-picking or exotic strategies.
The FD is in your local Bank branch, the NIFTY-MF is in your name or in your Demat a/c, the Gold/Silver is under your pillow / your locker / your Demat a/c etc.

3. The Method only "computes" an optimum ratio for you to allocate your own assets among themselves based on their present and historic market prices (time-series).


  1. The Method presently consists of 17 Artificial Intelligence agents which replicate the best PRACTICAL mathematical investment models developed by economists and published in high quality professional journals. 13 of these agents were developed by Sarbajit Roy.
  2. A typical such model would be described at Switching Copula. Stripped to its essentials this generates a very simple strategy "Agent-1" which delivers 16% returns in Indian scenario.
  3. The Method has 17 such agents / models as its basis and selects an optimal strategy from these to suit prevalent market prices and the investor's risk profile.