Public Grievance CABSTE 201200216

Status as on 26 Oct 2014

Registration NumberCABST/E/2012/00216
Name Of ComplainantSarbajit Roy
Date of Receipt26 Jun 2012
Received byCabinet Secretariat(SR)
Officer nameMr Basant Swaroop
Officer DesignationDirector & Grievance Officer
Contact AddressBikaner House (Annexe), Shahjahan Road, New Delhi
Contact Number23387030
Grievance DescriptionI am aggrieved that the Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Ajit Kr. Seth, did not care to inform me of the action taken on my public grievance addressed to him concerning selection procedures for appointment of Central Information Commissioners by the Search Committee headed by him. My said grievances were communicated to him by emails on 07.May.2012 with reminder on 19.May.2012 entitled - "Public Grievance concerning the Search Committee headed by Cabinet Secretary". I am an affected person, my CV was among 214 sent to Cabinet Secretary for consideration by DoPT, and accordingly am entitled to know the outcome and reasons for the decisions taken thereon. My cause of action is news reports and official documents obtained using RTI by other persons circulating in public domain that CVs of applicants for the positions were not put up to the tri-person Committee of recommending authorities, ie. PM, a Union Minister, Leader of Oppn in Lok Sabha, for their consideration, and only the particulars of a few hand-picked persons were sent. I am especially aggrieved by documents being circulated in this connection that a person rejected by the Search Committee, Mr. Basant Seth, managed to get appointed on the recommendation of the Leader of Opposition-LS to whom my CV, and those of many other applicants, was not even sent. It is not clear to me how Mr.Basant Seth's CV reached the Leader of Opposition-LS when mine did not. It is not clear to me if the procedure specified in the RTI Act 2005 for appointment of Information Commissioners was followed or not. Accordingly I have reason to believe that the public notice inviting applications for the position was a farce and a hollow formality, and a fraud perpetrated on me and others by the Cabinet Secretary. Hence, this grievance being formally lodged for redressal of my various grievances. and requiring complete transparency being provided to the affected persons by disclosure on the Cabinet Secretariat website.